Food,Fiction,and Random thoughts!


Welcome to my website! You’ll find …

She spins her own web, creates her own,when she reads about the world the author writes about. Its the only way to enjoy a book! You read, you interpret and you write your own. I’m the reader, lost in the story of another, discovering a new world and reveling in the magic of yet another fantasy!

She falls into a deep abyss everyday…amidst the drudgery of daily life, finding the little joys that count, the zillions of moments that she misses, the mutlitude of daily learnings. Life happens in a million ways and you steep in the memories, because in the end, that is all you have left. Then you try to jump out of yourself and look at your life like you’re watching a movie, you seperate yourself, you look at what you’ve done with your life and then you can either be happy about it or regret your choices. You could do this every now and then too – its called introspection and I do plenty of it! I have strange unanswered questions, and the answers are always evolving. I’m the rambler!

When she’s not in the abyss of deep thought, she’s trying to feed herself and the family. Sometimes nourishing elaborate meals and other times a concoction she calls a meal. I’m the cook that accomplishes the goals of sweet and savory, pleasing the bodies and minds(hopefully). And I count my blessings everyday!!

A wannabe minimalist, I dream of writing , owning a little farm and being in the general state of a soul lost in the world of books. I write to express the deep desires of the head and heart, to find a place that might make sense of the battle they indulge in.


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