How do you smell the fresh air in a life sodden with everyday drudgery? I asked …

You look for the little things, chirped the bird in my mind …

A walk in the park, the chatter of kids carpooling – their innocent questions

And our grown up responses

The pitter patter of the raindrops that started without a trace of a cloud in the sky

The view of the snowcapped mountains, the glaze from the mirror lake,

The little puppy that rushes to the door when you walk in after a long day at work

The joy of a simple meal, the aroma of a feast cooking

The warmth of the fire place, the smell of a book,

The panoramic sunsets over the Rockies that you’re so lucky to witness every evening

The smile of a loved one, asking “So, how was your day?”

The endless banter from an 8 year old :), the nightly readings ,

The good night kisses and “I Love You’s”, mostly unspoken…

The soft snoring of a little guy, the lively “Good Mornings”

The joy of plopping in the mattress you long for most days

It’s the joy in the little things, I promise, that makes life worth living.