We have a new Paradise Biriyani Pointe in town! Yes, that is a cause for celebration, when you live in a town for 9 years and see it transform into a multi cuisine hub! This is particularly exciting because we have all traveled to other states in the US and gorged on the food from the famous hyderabadi biryani joints and hoped and wished that we could have one locally! And Voila! The food at Paradise is absolutely delicious – spicy and flavorful! Its everything you want to taste in a biryani and the mirchi ka salan is to die for!! Be fore warned though, there is not much place to sit, so a takeout is the best option!

Inspired by the Egg Biryani and a fellow colleagues challenge, I set out to make my own one pot flavorful meal on culinary inspired evening after work. ( Remember my spurts of creativity from my earlier post :)). I have tried a number of ways to make biryani and they are all my favorites and I cannot call this an exception though this was the first time I was trying this method. So without much ado here goes –
FullSizeRender (3) Ingredients –

For the gravy –

Onions – 2 large sliced thin

Garlic – 4- 6 pods

Ginger – 1 inch

mint leaves – a handful ( and some chopped for garnish)

cilantro leaves – a handful ( some chopped for garnish)

green chillies – 3

tomato paste – 2 tbsp

whole garam masala – 1 tsbp

everest biryani masala – 2 tbsp

Other ingredients

Eggs – 6 nos ( boiled and sliced in half)

Basmati rice – 2 cups ( Washed well and soaked in cold water fro about 30 – 45 mins)

Chickpea flour(besan) – 2 tsbp

1 egg – beaten

salt – per taste

chilli powder – as per taste

Oil – to fry the onions

Method –

1. Fry half the onions in oil until they are crispy and brown. Keep aside.

2.In a pan add oil, the whole garam masala and let it splutter.

3. Add the onions and let them caramalize.

4. Grind the mint, cilantro, ginger, garlic and green chillies in a blender. add them to the onions and cook till the garlic doesn’t smell raw.

5. Add the tomato paste, salt and biryani masala and cook until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.

6. Add salt, chilli powder and chickpea flour to the beaten egg and mix well.

7. Dip the sliced egg in the batter and shallow fry in a pan. Keep aside.

8. When the onion – tomato mixture in cooked, add the drained rice, some more salt and water and cook covered till the rice absorbs all the water ( I use a 1 : 1.5 rice to water ratio since the rice has soaked for 30 – 45 mins)

9. Add the eggs, mint, cilantro and fried onions and serve with delicious raita/salan.

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