The girl power caught up on What’s app after ages and we can’t seem to have enough of each other. It’s a wonderful feeling to get back together (albeit virtually) after years of rare emails and phone calls. Whats app Zindabad!!

So Diwali is round the corner and what with each of the gang coming up with what they are going to make for Diwali, I had this sudden urge to make something as well! Feeling lazy, and wanting to quickly whip up something within an hour, what better idea than surprise my son with his favorite – Kaju Katli. His naani unfailingly makes this sweet for him every time she visits us, and she let me into the “oh so easy” recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor.

And here is how it turned out –



1. The sugar syrup takes a long time to boil and thicken to the consistency that Sanjeev tells. Be patient!

2. After you add the Kaju powder, turn off the heat and mix. If it feels to hard, turn on the heat for a couple of minutes more till the mixture slightly (very slightly) loosens up so that it can be transferred to a flat plate and pressed thin.

3. Be around and make sure that the sugar syrup is removed at the right time so that it does not crystallize. I made that mistake and let it crystallize while I was into my computer getting some work done! To rectify this, I had to add a little water and press out the crystals and get back to the “three strands” state.