As we enter the last week of summer, baking has been my latest go to comfort activity!. Of late, it has been interfering with my weight loss efforts as well :(. Inspired by  Anita’s post and wanting to be part of this tea party, I set out to make some scones. This, by the way is my first time entering an online contest like such!Anyone who has even read one post on this blog probably knows by now that most of this household loves savory over sweet, which led me into making pepper jack – jalapeno scones with a slight indian twist!. I followed the basic recipe from here. I substituted yogurt for milk/cream and added a couple teaspoons of kitchen king masala. You could also add pav bhaji or parantha masala instead. To the mixture I added some jalapenos ( from a jar – if you dont have access to these, you might be able to soak some jalapenos in brine for a few days or use green chilli pickle – the indian style ones ofcourse!! ) I also added a cup of grated pepper jack cheese! You could add any other cheese if you want it less spicy.

Here is a picture –


And who better to have the tea party with – the only person who has always been a guinea pig with every new thing I cook – the husband of course 🙂

So until next time , Enjoy the scones with a piping hot cup of tea!!