Last year we planted a peach tree in the fall. Much to my disappointment, I realized that the tree would bear peaches only the next spring. As a child and as an adult as well, I have always wanted to have a little garden outside my house to grow my own fruits and vegetables. This year the dream came true. Our little peach tree bore little peaches. For a long time, the peaches were really hard and we thought that it was a lost case. After a lot of research and asking around at work, I was told the peaches are probably not getting enough water. So, started my quest to water the tree every day. And Voila, one evening I saw the peaches had been nibbled at by squirrels and birds – an indication that they were ready to be picked!!

We didn’t have a huge harvest, but it was enough to make us proud of growing something ourselves :). After distributing a few at work , I wondered what to do with the rest. I had sent the pictures of the peaches to my parents and my sister in India and my sister went – “Wow, so many. Make Jam “. Having a sweet tooth is a really bad thing I tell you – I could not resist. So I finally called mom to get her delicious jam recipes. Here is what I did –

1. Blanch the peaches for about 15 – 20 mins in boiling water. You know they are done when the peaches are soft and you can push a knife through them easily.

2. Run them in cold water and peel the skin. I did not peel all of the skin, since I was making Marmalade and not jam. All the marmalade I ave eaten is more rustic and chunky as compared to jam which is smooth.

3. After peeling the skin, I pulsed the peaches in the processor just to bring about some consistency. Do not blend too much else you will have really mushy peach juice.

Peach pulp with lime rind and juice

4. I got about 2 cups of peach pulp. Since I had to appease V along with myself, I decided to add less sugar. SO I added 1 cup of sugar, the rind of 1 lime ( just gently grate the skin of the lime into the pulp) and the juice of 1 lime/lemon. The lime rind helps give a really fresh feel to the marmalade.

5. Cook till the marmalade is of the right consistency. This took me about 40 mins. Remember marmalade can thicken when it cools so you don’t have to wait till it is the right consistency. Keep taking a little bit on a plate and check for consistency after cooling.

Enjoy with pretty much anything. My favorite is freshly made rotis 🙂

Can you see the bubbles?

Final product